Other Services

In addition to Pay Per Click, SEO and Local Search, we offer a range of other services to ensure your business prospers online.

Online Marketing – Strategy and Planning

At Seros we have years of expertise in developing online marketing strategy and planning campaigns. There are a number of different approaches we can use to help further increase the visibility and success of your brand. They include:

  • Affiliates and Strategic Partners
  • Social Media Planning
  • Display Campaigns
  • Additional Revenue Generation

Each client we work with requires a different combination of these initiatives to help them best achieve their objectives. For more information about how we can help, why not get in touch?

Website Project Management

If you have a programme of web development planned but simply too much to do, bring in the experts to manage the delivery of your new web projects. Seros will act as your in-house web department or manage liaison with your third party suppliers to bring projects to completion on time and on budget, allowing you to focus on the day to day running of your business.

Website Performance Enhancement

Driving traffic to your site is only one way to improve business. Understanding how your website works and identifying areas where performance can be improved can make a very real difference to your bottom line. Whatever challenges you are experiencing in your online environment Seros can help you find a solution.

We use:

  • Performance Analysis and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Reporting – Reporting tools can be an invaluable aid in improving your business. Seros use Google Analytics or the web analytics package of your choice to review the performance of your site, keep you up to date with developments, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Conversion Optimisation – Driving traffic to the site is the first step. Now let’s focus on converting visits to sales. We identify and implement particular fixes to improve your customer conversion from visitor to sale, lead or sign-up.
  • Usability, Reviews and Testing – It can be very difficult to see your business through the eyes of your existing or potential customers. We use focus groups and third party tools to understand what users think of your site and to test their interactions. We then analyse the results to identify the updates required to improve site performance.

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