Rich’s Witter

Will the real Rich Rankin please stand up!

Witter – The web’s fastest interview: 140 characters max per answer. Or even more. Rich Rankin (yes we thought it was a false name too) has got all the answers to questions we even haven’t thought of yet. Why not drop him a line with yours?

Is Rich Rankin your real name?

Believe it or not yes it is (and no I haven’t used deedpoll) – you may hear Richard every so often if it’s formal or if there’s a family argu… a disagreement!

Why did you set up Seros?

I launched Seros as I am passionate about using the web to help businesses grow online, in particular the smaller businesses where every penny counts. The web’s a great medium to find new customers especially search engines where you can target people looking for what you offer.

When a customer comes back and says ‘hey our website got an extra 1,000 visitors this month’ or ‘we just got a great new lead from the website’ I get a real buzz as I know helping small businesses to get in front of new customers can make a big difference to their bottom line. (Yes I know, well over 140 characters!)

Give us three words to describe the difference using Seros can make to your clients’ business?

That’s tough – it would have to be awareness, growth and revenue.

Who would you like to work for?

I imagine a lot of people would answer this with a few companies from the Fortune 500 – for me the size of the company isn’t important. I like to work with people who are as passionate about their business as I am.

What would you like to be your epitaph?

He made a difference.

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