How We Work

We recognise that every client is different. You may require a full service online marketing strategy or simply a staff training programme in social media planning. Seros offer a personal bespoke service, a cost-effective solution that’s quickly responsive to your immediate needs.

We start with an initial consult to help us understand your business and your current business goals, your budget and your schedule. We’ll give you an analysis of the different options available to help you achieve these business goals, and provide you with an outline project plan and cost estimate.

Once the project gets underway, there will be an initial period of research and analysis. We will draw up a more detailed strategic development plan with a timeline for both client and supplier – that’s you and us. When the campaign is actually launched we will agree regular audits to review performance and report statistics where relevant. Our approach to your campaign will be continually refined depending on reporting results.

Its important to us to ensure that we are continually listening to our clients and improving our service. At the end of your campaign we will review the project with you and request your feedback. We can then look at the next logical steps to keep your business at the forefront of your online marketplace.

Every project is unique. We hope this gives you an understanding of how we work. For a detailed discussion about the way we will work with you, contact us online or call us on 0131 625 1095.

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