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Seros specialises in the development of online marketing strategies for SMEs who want to make their business stand out from the crowd.

At Seros we know you want results for your business and quickly. We can offer you a range of services such as:

Who we are

Seros has over 10 years search marketing experience, successfully managing SEO and PPC campaigns for a variety of businesses across a range of sectors, including automotive, retail, sport and leisure.

Rich Rankin - Search Marketing Specialist

We work with budgets large and small, and keep abreast of the latest trends to ensure a current and creative service.

Seros is owned and managed by Rich Rankin, an online marketing specialist. Rich is passionate about developing your brand’s reputation and driving new business from the web.

With an outstanding track record in digital marketing, Seros with Rich at the helm will provide a safe pair of hands for the growth of your business online.

‘I have known Richard for the past 3 years, first as a client, and then for 12 months now as a colleague. He is not only highly competent in his Ecommerce role, but has a full grasp of all factors which can influence his area of responsibility: he works as a wonderful team player to ensure that the company’s ambitions are achieved.  

He is highly knowledgeable and always up to speed with the latest advances in technology or trends that can affect his job and his delivery. Over and above his high competence, he also shows total commitment and dedication. I am utterly convinced that his successes will grow and grow over the years to come.’

Christopher Billam, Head of Partnerships

Keep ahead of the curve

The online world is changing daily. At Seros we have the expertise to put your business in front of the highest number of potential customers and keep it there. Let us show you how.

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